'The Mistress' reissue out now!

Hi everyone,

The long nightmare is over - you can finally listen to the deluxe reissue of The Mistress - out digitally today (vinyl is still in production, thank you for yr patience). Go here to order the vinyl or digital -- https://www.barsuk.com/to/themistress

The digital version/stream includes the remastered album + 18 bonus tracks of covers, alternate versions and b-sides. Thanks to everyone at Barsuk Records for helping to make this happen.

I was also reminded of this video that we made for WHALE - which involved a terrifying jump (for someone with a fear of heights like yours truly) off a tall cliff, made only worse by the realization that I would have to do it multiple times for the different angles required. At first I figured it was one of those things that gets easier each time - but in fact it got harder. I think at some point the film crew wanted more takes but I simply couldn’t do it anymore. All for seven seconds of footage.

But at least we made something cool out of it, right? Looking back, is it clear that my sacrifice was worth it, that facing my fears for the sake of art made for a rewarding experience that I will cherish forever? No. It wasn’t worth it. It was terrifying.

Talk soon,