Tonight! Livestream of "The Mistress"

Front-to-back, all the hits

Hi everyone,

I know it’s silly to think I need to remind anyone about the big event happening tonight, since it’s all anyone is talking about — I’ve even heard from many fans that have gotten tattoos of “12-10-20” on their inner wrists so that they don’t forget. I’m not saying you should do that, but I’m just saying that’s what hundreds of “real fans” are doing.

But just in case it’s slipped your mind (you monster) — TONIGHT, I will be doing a livestream performance of “The Mistress” in full. It happens at 9:30pm EST / 8:30pm CST, and will be found here:

Barsuk Youtube // Yellow Ostrich Facebook // Barsuk Instagram

If you miss it, or are in Europe or someplace weird like that, it’ll be up somewhere to watch afterwards.

And as another reminder, you can pre-order the new vinyl reissue of the Mistress here, which includes 18 digital bonus tracks (which will be available sooner than the vinyl).

That’s all, thank you and be safe out there!